Tornador® PH-15

Electric Orbital Polisher


Item No.: 601 592

Exploded view drawing:

15mm orbital diameter

power consumption 900W/h

R/min. 1700 – 4800

electric stepless speed control, Soft-Start

10m electric cable

velcro pad 125mm

weight 2,6kg

  • 15 mm orbital throw
  • Includes 10 m power cord
  • Continuously variable speed control

The Tornador® PH-15 is the ideal polishing machine for all edges, corners and curved surfaces. Weighing only 2,6 kg the machine is optimally balanced and easy to control. A reduced vibration level leads to a very smooth handling and makes the machine choice no. 1 for professional continuous operation.The 900 watts motor allows very strong erosion without holograms or swirls. The 10 meter electric cable allows a large radius of action. The Tornador® PH-15 is the ideal machine for alle cars and oldtimers.

With 6- step speedcontrol you can choose between the right ratio for speed, sponge, sompound and car finish. Even unexperienced users can reach a fantastic result with the PH-15. The 15mm orbital diameter guarantees a good and fast erosion and excellent polishing results while saving a lot of time. The Tornador® PH-15 is ideal for the 1-step polishing system: 1 maschine, 1 polishing pad, 1 compound and 1 sealing. For the user this saves time, compound, costs and leads to higher profits.