Rotador® vaQ

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Item No.: 601 560

Exploded view drawing:

  • Integrated air inlet
  • 37 liter tank volume
  • 1400 W P max.
  • 4 bar – 15 bar (min. – max. operating pressure)
  • 2,400 mm water column

The first industrial vacuum cleaner that has earned the Rotador® name. Large tank, high suction capacity and an additional connection port for air devices make the Rotador® vaQ an indispensable tool in the workshop. Perfectly tailored to the Rotador® Beast cleaning attachment, having to deal with several hoses is now a thing of the past since the air inlet goes through the suction hose. The Rotador® vaQ, pronounced [vækyu:], is delivered completely assembled and can be used as a wet or dry vacuum cleaner.