Tornador® BLACK Z-020RS

Air Pulse Cleaning Gun


Item No.: 602 420

Tornador BLACK Z-020RS
Exploded view drawing:

  • stronger impact – more power – cleaner results
  • includes built-in air regulator
  • includes built-in swivel air inlet
  • ergonomic, temperature isolated, low vibration
  • suitable for 2.2 kW/240 V piston compressors
  • developed for continuous professional use

More torque, resounding impact, non compromise cleaning: Tornador® BLACK Z-020RS.

With proven ergonomics, excellent haptics, freeze protection  and low vibration handles. The rotate set contains sealed ball bearings and a pulse increasing spring. For this reason the Tornador® Black Z-020RS can even work with only 4.5 bar. The built-in air regulator and the swivel air inlet increase the flexibility and the user- friendliness. The professional cleaning gun for cars, trucks, busses and taxis, can also be used for industrial use, cleaning of buildings, aviation and shipping.

With the Tornador® BLACK Z-020RS and the newly developed spring-pulse technology for uncompromising cleaning dirt will be eliminated at its root. Starting at only 4.5 bar the new Tornador® tool can provide a deep and intense cleaning result. The Tornador® Black Z-020RS can even be used with a mobile 2.2 kW -240V piston compressors as soon as it provides 270l/min. This means that the Tornador® Black Z-020RS can not only be used stationary but also for mobile cleaning.