Tornador® TC-21

Polishing Compound 250 ml


Item No.: 601 610

  • Real 3-in-1 one-step polish
  • Long-lasting shine
  • No harmful ingredients

The newly developed Tornador® TC-21 polishing compound is a real 3-in-1 one-step polish, that is, achieves a high rate of removal (scratch removal), shine and surface sealing in one step. The result is a long-lasting shine, even when the sealing action weakens slightly after an extended period of time. The polishing compound has a very low solvent content, dispenses altogether with harmful ingredients and is water-based. Used only for professional car cleaning purposes!

The Tornador® TC-21 is a water-based polishing compound that was developed especially for the Tornador® PH-21 orbital polisher. The compound leaves no residues on plastic parts and has a very good surface finishing quality (little dust formation, wiped off easily).